What To Pay Attention To When Installing Outdoor Integrated Cabinet

Outdoor integrated cabinets are mainly used in the base station communication industry. Outdoor cabinets are mainly installed in the field such as parks, roadsides, mountains and other places. Outdoor cabinets are generally assembled in a way, so what should be paid attention to when installing outdoor integrated cabinets?

First of all, you must know the relevant dimensions of the cabinet, and then check the appearance of the equipment to ensure that it matches with the selected bracket. A sturdy cabinet can carry nearly 500 kg, so check the tools used to take out the equipment, such as a door or a trolley. Brand-name cabinets are generally equipped with wheels underneath, so you only need to install the equipment in, and then push the cabinet to a suitable place.

Measure the size of the room and the height of the ceiling, door, and elevator that the cabinet passes. Taking into account the multiple types of equipment in the cabinet, make sure that the cabinet is placed close to the power supply, network cable sockets, and communication sockets.

Check the opening angle of the cabinet door when opening and closing the cabinet. The standard cabinet door opens on the right and the door axis is on the left. Of course, the opposite is not ruled out. All doors and side panels should be easy to open for easy maintenance.

When the user installs the equipment cabinet into an existing cabinet group, the cabinets can be arranged in a row next to each other, which is safe and tidy. The best cabinet group model should be fully expandable and equipped with all necessary hardware. The side panels of the cabinet can be removed, and the cabinets can be connected to each other with screws to form a row.

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