What Is The Real Cause Of Frost On Mobile Air Conditioners

The mobile air conditioner is a portable mobile air conditioner that can be used in a variety of natural environments, including factory workshops, outdoor activity booths, etc. The cooling method of a mobile air conditioner is like a traditional central air conditioner, which uses a refrigeration compressor to reduce the temperature. But sometimes, the mobile air conditioner gets frost. Is that right?

1. Insufficient refrigerant. After a long period of time, industrial air conditioners may leak or leak refrigerant. After the refrigerant in the refrigeration unit is reduced, the volatilization working pressure is too low, causing the air conditioner evaporator to frost. The frosting part is generally in the air conditioner to evaporate. In the first part of the device, the clearing method is to solve the leakage position first, fill it with refrigerant, and the common faults will be cleared.
2. The air conditioner evaporator is dirty. After the air conditioner is used for a period of time, the floating dust in the air or the microorganisms caused by the air conditioner evaporator will accumulate on the air conditioner evaporator, blocking indoor ventilation, causing the heat exchanger to decrease, and the air conditioner evaporator temperature is too low and frosting. The frosting part is behind the air conditioner evaporator. After the ice melts, flush the air conditioner evaporator with tap water and use a soft brush to brush along the plate-fin type. Be careful not to wet part of the electrical equipment. After cleaning up and tidy, common faults will be cleared.

3. Common failures of refrigeration compressors. After the mobile air conditioner has been used for a long time, the refrigeration compressor is reduced and the efficiency is reduced, or the air distribution system software of the refrigeration compressor is destroyed, causing the working pressure to be too low and frosting. The frosting part is also in the front part of the air conditioner evaporator. Add some refrigerant, the common fault can be cleared, if the common fault persists, the refrigeration compressor must be replaced.

4. Low operating temperature: The natural environment of the air conditioner is between 18 and 45 degrees. If the operating temperature is less than 18 degrees, the air conditioner will experience frosting.

5. The ventilation duct of the industrial production air conditioner is blocked. If the inside of the ventilation duct of the air conditioner is blocked by dirt or dirt, the air inlet will not be smooth, which will cause the air conditioner to frost.

The reason for the frost on the mobile air conditioner is the key reason above. After finding that the air conditioner is frosting, you must compare the above for many reasons to check to see if it can match. Under normal circumstances, mobile air conditioners cannot be separated from these types of frost.

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