What Is TEC Air Conditioner? What Are Its Main Uses?

Many people see TEC air conditioners and think that TEC is a brand. In fact, TEC is a cooling and heating mode. The semiconductor refrigeration of TEC air conditioners is also called electronic refrigeration, or thermoelectric refrigeration. It uses special semiconductors to produce the Peltier effect, that is, through the PN junction composed of straight materials to form a thermocouple pair, which produces the Peltier effect and compression refrigeration It is a new type of refrigeration method called current refrigeration together with absorption refrigeration, and is called the world's three major refrigeration methods together with compression refrigeration and absorption refrigeration.

TEC air conditioners have a wide range of uses. The most typical applications are laser temperature control and PCR temperature control. As we all know, lasers are very sensitive to temperature, so the requirements for TEC are very high. Some even require the TEC and the laser to be packaged in TO at the same time, which requires the TEC to be very small.
The TEC air conditioner uses DC power when working, and it is powered by a battery, and it can work even when the power is out. AC power is used for heat exchange, and the normal working temperature of the battery in the battery compartment can be guaranteed even when the AC power is cut off. Therefore, in the outdoor cabinets of some communication base stations, the equipment control warehouse generally uses the heat exchange system and the battery warehouse uses the TEC air conditioner.
The TEC air conditioner developed by Chengdu Hop Technology Co., Ltd. uses the company’s self-developed intelligent controller to control the entire system of the product. The intelligent controller automatically detects and runs automatically according to changes in ambient temperature. This product is used in communication cabinets, small and medium-sized Computer room, UPS computer room, operator outdoor base station computer room, bank ATM teller machine currency exchange room, etc.

1. No refrigerants such as Freon are used, and there is no adverse effect on the environment
2. Small and light
3. The same device can meet the requirements of heating and cooling without adding additional heating molds
4. Very sensitive to temperature (quick cooling, quick heating)
5. There is no vibration and noise, and it can work at any angle and zero gravity.
6. Because all are solid-based structures, thermoelectric coolers have high reliability
7. No need to worry about leakage of refrigerant and corrosive liquid, easy to repair
8. Life can reach 200,000 hours

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