Understanding Of Energy-Saving Adaptability Of Air Conditioners In Communication Base Stations

According to the characteristics and environmental requirements of the communication base station, the working principle and air treatment process of the evaporative air conditioner are described, and the calculation of the sensible heat cooling capacity and the actual cooling capacity of the evaporative air conditioner is explained in detail. The base station conducts communication analysis, evaluates the effect of actual operation, and conducts economic analysis, and it can be concluded that energy consumption can be significantly reduced by evaporating energy-saving air-conditioning communication base stations.

First, analyze and understand the operating parameters of evaporative air conditioners in different communication base stations based on the characteristics of base communication stations, the environmental requirements of communication base stations and the application of evaporative air conditioners. Finally, the evaporative air conditioners are analyzed. Connected to the air-conditioning connection system of the computer room, the research results show that under different climatic conditions, the evaporative air conditioner cannot only be used in the communication base station, and the connection system of the air-conditioner is not suitable for the use of the evaporative regulator air and specific In the engine room.

Because this will increase the load of the air conditioner used in the computer room, only air-conditioning specific computer rooms can be used only for cooling communication base stations. The current air conditioners are now designed for water supply, cooling and fully automatic installation of air conditioners. The upper end of the shell has an annular air inlet, the fan is adjusted at the air inlet, and the fan is connected to the controller. The air outlet of the annular structure is set at the lower end of the shell. The evaporative air conditioner has low noise and the motor is installed at the hot air outlet. .

The new type is equipped with a muffler board in the shell, and a muffler blanket is set on the lower side of the coil tube to eliminate the dripping sound in the condenser as much as possible. In order to solve the problem of the water quality of the organic filler directly evaporating the air conditioner, the scale of discussion Regarding the influence of filling performance, the specific control conditions for the number of water jets are given, and safe and effective physical treatment methods are discussed mainly for operation and maintenance.

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