Treatment Method Of Heat Dissipation Problem Inside Stainless Steel Cabinet

We need to set up a high-density heat dissipation area in the cabinet. We can close the cabinet, and then mix and flow the airflow to achieve the effect of cooling. The cooling method of conveying cold air in a closed space can also be used to achieve the cooling effect.

For stainless steel cabinets, the heat of its internal equipment must be removed in time and effectively, so as to ensure the overall performance of the stainless steel cabinets.

Advantages of stainless steel chassis cabinet:

1. The well-configured installation slot of the stainless steel chassis cabinet is spot-welded in the front door for easy installation;

2. Hinged link, the door can be opened 130°

3. The front door of the cabinet can be interchanged left and right, easy to switch;

4. Polyurethane foam sealing, rubber strip sealing, reliable performance;

5. The L-shaped box side is matched with the sealing tape to prevent water and dust from entering, forming a protection for the inside of the box;

6. There are mounting holes on the back of the cabinet, which is convenient for the installation of the cabinet;

7. There is a cable inlet hole at the bottom and a cover plate.

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