Three Differences Between Mobile Air Conditioners And Traditional Air Conditioners

The refrigeration principle of the mobile air conditioner is similar to the traditional air conditioner. It is a mobile air conditioner that enhances the traditional design concept. It is small and exquisite, has a high energy efficiency level, does not need to be installed, and can be placed at a different address. The refrigeration principle and characteristics of mobile air conditioners are similar to those of general air conditioners. The equipment includes refrigeration compressors, exhaust fans, electric water heaters, air-conditioning evaporators, and air-cooled built-in fin coolers. Today, actually talk about the three differences between mobile air conditioners and traditional air conditioners.

Three differences between mobile air conditioners and traditional air conditioners

1. The size is different: the traditional air conditioner is separated from the inside and outside, and the volume is large and heavy, and the transportation is troublesome. The mobile air conditioner (industrial air conditioner) is small in size, and the overall size and size of the air conditioner outdoor unit of the traditional air conditioner are very large. Regardless of the volume or the net weight, it is much lighter than the traditional air conditioner.

2. Installation is not the same: traditional air conditioners must be installed with a series of complicated processes such as wiring, opening holes, installing the outdoor unit, and fixing the internal unit of the air conditioner. In addition, disassembly and assembly work is also very troublesome for maintenance. The mobile air conditioner (industrial air conditioner) integrates the aspect ratio of the internal and external units. It integrates all the core components such as the cooler, refrigeration compressor, blower port, etc. into a shell, completing the practical effect of the 1394 connection. No need to install.

3. The application of the natural environment is different: the overall cooling effect of traditional air conditioners is very good, and it is suitable for application in closed rooms. Part of the mobile air conditioner (industrial air conditioner) has a very good temperature reduction effect, and the temperature reduction is efficient and rapid. It is suitable for applications such as restaurant kitchens, living balconies, partitions, etc., and also suitable for semi-outdoor areas such as production workshop positions and security activity guard booths. In addition, the mobile air conditioner (industrial air conditioner) is equipped with universal casters for convenient transportation and can be placed in different areas according to the different parts of the natural environment.

The three differences between mobile air conditioners and traditional air conditioners are the key elements that distinguish mobile air conditioners from traditional air conditioners. If you determine these three points, you can figure out what the actual difference between them is. The mobile air conditioner is a special tool for reducing the temperature of some parts.

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