Thermal solution of small and medium sized data center


Our compact air conditioner designed by large air flow and low enthalpy difference, it provides reliable, efficient and energy saving solutions for small and medium sized computer rooms.


Small sized data center, Telecom base station, Small and medium sized computer room, Enterprise’s IT machine room, Rail transit room, substation, laboratory, etc.


1. Multiple configurations-single cooling, single cooling + electric auxiliary heat, constant temperature and humidity type to meet the different needs.
2. Large air flow and low enthalpy difference design, meet the high sensible heat ratio requirement of computer room.
3. Large air flow and long-distance air supply with high efficiency centrifugal fan, EC fan is optional.
4. Various air flow like top air supply with air hood, front & bottom air supply and under floor air supply.
5. With self-call function, automatically restored to the running state before power cuts after the call.
6. RS485 communication interface as standard configuration and can provide communication protocol
7. High cooling performance and low running cost with large heat exchanging area, high efficiency compressor and expansion valve.
8. More than 10 years lifetime and low maintenance cost with high quality standard components.
9. With self-inspection, alarm and protection function.
10. Safe and reliable system running.
Cooling capacity: 15kW~60kW

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Thermal solution of small and medium sized data center

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