Thermal solution of outdoor battery compartment


In addition to the main equipment, the telecom outdoor cabinet will also be equipped with the battery to ensure the normal operation of the communication network. Battery life is closely related with temperature, generally the setting temperature is between 25 ~ 30 ℃, so the battery compartment need temperature control product to remove heat and increase its lifetime. We recommend to using TEC air conditioner with low maintenance or DC air conditioner with high efficiency, easy installation and maintenance.


Mobile communication sites, smart energy storage cabinets, etc.


1. Small size, light weight and convenient installation;
2. Low noise, high efficiency, corrosion resistant and reliable performance.
3. Fan speed can be intelligent adjusted to meet the noise requirements of different time periods.
4. Multifunctional alarm output, Real-time system monitoring, convenient and fast human-computer interface;
5. With patented design of outer loop, effectively improves the product maintenance cycle and has the function of drainage and discharge.

Case story

TEC air conditioner for battery compartment
Thermal solution of outdoor battery compartment

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