Thermal solution of outdoor advertising machine


For special temperature and humidity requirement of screen for outdoor adverting machine, Hop customized integrated and embedded air conditioner. It helps to solve the temperature requirements, ensures IP55 between the internal and external, protects screen from the damage of harmful material such as dust, moisture, etc., It improves the lifetime of advertising machine as well as its working reliability and stability.


Outdoor advertising screen, City smart cloud pavilion and Self-service multimedia service cabinet.


1. Flexible and convenient installation
2. Low noise, high efficiency, Corrosion resistant and reliable performance
3. The world famous compressor and fan
4. Large air flow and long-distance air supply
5. A variety of temperature protection function to make sure the screen is reliable.
6. Multifunctional alarm output, real-time system monitoring and convenient human-computer interface.

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Thermal solution of outdoor advertising machine

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