Thermal solution of large data center


Our large size air conditioner is special designed for thermal solution of electronic equipment. With the design of high air flow and small enthalpy difference, it provides reliable, high efficiency and energy saving cooling solutions for large and medium-sized data room to ensure the equipment running in an optimum temperature, humidity and cleanliness environment, secure equipment for 365 days * 24 hours of stable operation.


1. Large data center
2. Telecom computer room
3. Medium-sized computer room
4. UPS and battery compartment
5. Industrial control room
6. Precision equipment
7. Workshop


1. Multiple cooling type

Our large size air conditioner has various system cooling types to meet the needs of the different applications, such as air-cooled.
water-cooled, chilled-water, double coil chilled-water, air-cooled &chilled-water, water-cooled& chilled-water, heat pipe-cooled, etc.

2. Modular design

Our large size air conditioner use modular design, it can be split into several modules according to transportation and easily assembled after that. The compressor module and the refrigeration module are independent of each other, each single module can be replaced as a whole to improve efficiency and reduce maintenance cost.
Modular design, compact structure and small space occupation; 100% full frontal maintenance, side and back can be maintained also.

3. Modular design

The heat exchanger coil use V&A structure to significantly improve the system of heat exchange area. The filter completely fits the heat exchanger layout, increases the filter area and reduces the wind resistance and improves the fan efficiency.
Use imported EC fan with high efficiency, no transmission loss and optimal air flow. It brings more than 30% energy saving compared with AC fan.
Under floor air supply type can be selected for under floor air supply or fan sinking, it saves 20% energy consumption for fan sinking.
Air-cooled condenser strengthen heat exchanger design, it use high efficiency fan and intelligent control system to realize stepless speed regulation according to cooling requirement, broaden the system operating range and improve the reliability and efficiency.

4. High precision environment control

Our large size air conditioner has intelligent control of air flow output, refrigerant flow output, heating and humidifying output, constant temperature and humidity function to realize high precision environment control. According to the environmental requirements, it can realize

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