Thermal solution of industrial control cabinet


Communication module, power module, PLC, frequency converter and drive system of the industrial control cabinet produce a lot of heat during the work. Our air conditioner designed for industrial cabinets provides suitable working temperature and humidity, effectively prevents dust and humidity to improve lifetime of electronic equipment and reliability of system control.


Control cabinet of automatic production line
Food processing machinery control cabinet
Automatic card issuing cabinet
Textile machinery control cabinet
Charging pile cabinet
Corrugated mechanical control cabinet
Power supply control cabinet of high-speed railway
Control cabinet of environmental protection machine.


1. Intelligent control
2. Adaptable grid environment
3. Low noise
4. Easy installation
Cooling capacity: 300W~5000W

Case story

Application: ACL4000 air conditioner for industrial cabinet of high-speed railway substation
Thermal solution of industrial control cabinet
Application: HEL0080 heat exchanger for control cabinet of power plant.
Thermal solution of industrial control cabinet

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