Thermal solution of high heat density data center


Our in-row air conditioner provides cooling close to heat source.
It provides reliable, high efficiency, energy saving and green environmental protection cooling solutions for modular high heat density data center as well as suitable temperature, humidity and cleanliness control services for network cabinets.


Large size data center, modular data center, container data center, locally overheated computer room, high heat density computer room.


1. Multiple configurations-single cooling, single cooling + electric auxiliary heat, constant temperature and humidity type to meet the different needs.
2. Cooling close to heat source, with high return air temperature, high heat exchange temperature difference and high efficiency. It shortens the distance of air transmission, reduces the loss of air cooling capacity and mixture of heat and cool air flow.
3. With EC fan, automatically adjust cooling capacity according to real heat load inside the cabinet.
4. Design of multiple fans to meet the backup and the fan runs at best efficiency point ;
5. Adjustable wind grille, flexible adjustment according to the needs.
6. Provides upper pipe and lower pipe configuration, flexible choice according to site installation condition;
7. Optional condensate drainage pumps, meet the demand of Drainage.
8. With self-call function, automatically restored to the running state before power cuts after the call.
9. RS485 communication interface as standard configuration and can provide communication protocol
10. With large area of heat exchange, from top to bottom, from left to right, full uniform flow and high thermal efficiency;
11. Famous brand components, high reliability, more than 10 years lifetime and low maintenance cost.
12. With self-inspection, alarm and protection function.
13. Safe and reliable system running.
Cooling capacity: 15kW~60kW

Case story

In-row air conditioner (type: CX0401AF) with closed cooling channel for cloud center room.
Thermal solution of high heat density data center

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