The Reason Why Industrial Air-Conditioners Skip Electricity And Do Not Cause Cooling

When everything is normal, there will be situations where the industrial air-conditioner will trip without cooling or the wind will not come out. If it is not solved, the equipment will be destroyed. Therefore, before using an air conditioner, you should be familiar with all the normal operating methods of an industrial air conditioner. The following web editor will talk about the reason why industrial air-conditioners skip electricity and do not cause cooling.

Over-temperature maintenance of the refrigeration compressor causes the switching power supply to be disconnected. When the industrial air conditioner is in use, the operating voltage is too low or too high, and the operating temperature is too high, which will cause the refrigeration compressor of the industrial air conditioner to over-temperature load, so as to maintain the refrigeration compressor. Turn on the power supply of the refrigeration compressor. At this time, when the industrial air-conditioner is in the over-temperature and over-pressure protection device position, the industrial air-conditioner is not easy to cool, and only blows out the air. If the thermal overcurrent protector is in constant position, remember not to start it frequently, and apply the industrial air conditioner after searching and clearing. It is the key reason why industrial air-conditioners will not be cooled due to power failure.

A clogged filter causes a common failure. Like traditional central air conditioners, industrial air conditioners have filters at the air inlets. If the filter screen contains dust, dirt, etc., it will harm the air intake and exhaust flow of the air conditioner, which is very easy to cause the heat exchanger to frost and cause common failures of the equipment. If this is a problem, the filter must be pulled out, and the dust on the filter must be removed with a vacuum cleaner, and then cleaned up with tap water, and then applied after it is completely dry. It is also important to note here that when cleaning the filter, do not use paint thinner, volatile oil, drugs, etc., as this will damage the filter and the surface of the industrial air conditioner.

Application of non-standard switching power supply extension cords leads to common failures. Industrial air conditioners can use switching power supply extension cords, but there are certain regulations for switching power supply extension cords. If the extension cord is too long. If the size is too small, the working voltage will be reduced and the equipment will not be able to operate normally, causing common failures of the air conditioner.

The above is the reason that the industrial air conditioner jumps and does not cause cooling. When using the industrial air conditioner, you must pay attention to prevent the above conditions from causing common failures of the air conditioner. I hope that all normal applications of the industrial air conditioner can produce it for you A strong and cool natural environment.

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