The Function Of The Cabinet Heat Exchanger

This heat exchanger is suitable for communication outdoor cabinets and outdoor power control cabinets. It can passively dissipate the inside of the cabinet (in a closed state during normal operation) to control the temperature of the cabinet to ensure that all thermal components in the cabinet can work normally. Give full play to its best performance. It has the characteristics of high reliability, simple installation, ready to work after power on, and no need for complicated debugging.

The heat pipe heat exchanger of the cabinet uses the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor and the effect of gravity. The refrigerant evaporates and absorbs heat in the indoor heat exchanger to become gaseous, taking away the heat emitted by the equipment in the cabinet, and the gaseous refrigerant enters the outdoor heat exchanger through the pipeline. Because the low outdoor temperature refrigerant condenses and releases heat to become liquid, the heat is transferred to the outdoor air. The liquid refrigerant flows into the evaporator under the action of gravity to continue to evaporate and absorb heat, thus circulating heat exchange, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling and cooling.

Product Features

1. External fan control logic
External circulation fan: internal circulation return air outlet temperature is lower than 25℃, stop operation; above 35℃ start operation; lower than 35℃ half speed operation (1600 r/min); 35℃~43℃ linear speed regulation; higher than 43℃ full speed Operation (2700r/min).

2. Internal fan control logic
Internal circulation fan: half-speed operation (1600 r/min) at the return air outlet temperature of the internal circulation lower than 25°C; linear speed regulation from 25°C to 43°C; full speed operation (2700 r/min) above 43°C.

3. Dust extraction function
Press the TEST key within 3 seconds, and the external fan will run at full speed for 3 minutes. After the end, the heat exchanger will run according to the normal logic.
The heat exchanger is guaranteed to be able to perform automatic forced dust discharge, and the automatic forced dust discharge cycle is 7 days, that is, forced dust discharge is performed every 7 days. During the dust exhausting process, if you press the TEST button again, the heat exchanger will stop exhausting dust and return to the working state before dust exhausting. When the dust is exhausted, the green indicator light of TEST flashes quickly.

4. Incoming call self-start function
After power on, the heat exchanger can be automatically put into operation and maintained. The red and green lights are on for 1s.

5. Self-check
 Self-test sequence: Power-on self-test (or press TEST key to self-test), the green LED light flashes quickly. 
   1. The external fan starts (default half speed), and shuts down after running for a set time.
   2. The internal fan starts (default half speed) and shuts down after running for a set time.
   3. The self-inspection is completed.

6. Alarm
The heat exchanger uploads the alarm signal via RS485 and provides the following alarm information.

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