The First Choice For Workshop Cooling-Industrial Mobile Air Conditioners

The hot summer is coming soon. As the temperature continues to rise, heatstroke prevention and relief work in the production workshop has become the primary task. The industrial mobile air conditioner blows out the air-conditioning wind with a temperature difference of 10°C-15°C, which can have a good cooling effect on summer workers.

As the temperature continues to rise, heatstroke prevention and relief work in the production workshop has become the primary task. Many companies’ workshops can reach a high temperature of 45°C during workshop operations according to their production process requirements (such as rolling kilns, furnaces, row machines and other high heat source production machinery in the glass production workshop). Employees often experience heat stroke during workshop operations, which directly affects the company's production efficiency. This situation makes the company leaders very distressed. Is there a cooling device in the summer production workshop that can achieve significant effects in the high-temperature workshop and minimize the investment cost? The answer is yes, that is, industrial mobile air-conditioners.

Industrial mobile air conditioners are also called post air conditioners and point-type air conditioners. They use compressors and refrigerants to exchange heat to produce a cooling effect. The principle is the same as that of household air conditioners. It is used in summer workshops, construction sites, and temporary residences to cool down. It has the characteristics of small size, no installation, and convenient mobility. Compared with traditional industrial fans, because the machine produces air-conditioning wind with a temperature difference, the cooling effect is better, and the user feels more comfortable and quieter. It is a new summer cooling choice for many large enterprises. It is already in Europe, America and Europe. It is widely used in developed countries such as Japan.

Here we recommend the industrial mobile air conditioner produced by Chengdu Hop Technology Co., Ltd. The Hop air conditioner uses a Japanese fully enclosed energy-saving rotary compressor. The internal heat exchanger part is made of copper tubes and hydrophilic film heat sinks. The motor part uses a high-grade heat-resistant and low-noise fan. Because of the high requirements of material selection and strict process, the high product quality has been created, so that the air conditioner produced by Haopu has won unanimous praise from users. Through years of research and development investment, the company has 13 design appearance patents and 22 utility model patents. , And obtained the high-tech enterprise certification and the technology little giant certification. Duoxin has been committed to improving users' living and working air environment, and integrating technological innovation into various environmental solutions.

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