The Characteristics Of Chendu Hop Outdoor Cabinet Air Conditioner

Chengdu Hop technology-outdoor cabinet air conditioner series are designed for cooling outdoor cabinets such as electric power, communication cabinets, water quality monitoring stations, outdoor advertising machines, etc. Patented air duct design, smaller size; internationally renowned brand components, complete protection, higher reliability; environmentally friendly refrigerant, higher energy efficiency ratio. Equipped with a computer monitoring system, which can remotely monitor the operation of the air conditioner in real time.


1. Patented air conditioning system design, compact structure. With the same refrigeration capacity, the volume is 1/5 smaller than the counterparts, which is conducive to installation and transportation, and can also save 15% of the space in the cabinet;

2. Patented air duct design, the internal circulating air speed is 1.2 times that of peer benchmark products, the cold air can reach the back of the cabinet more easily, and the temperature inside the cabinet can be kept uniform;

3. High reliability: The compressor adopts an internationally renowned brand (Hitachi), which has higher reliability. It can operate continuously, stably and efficiently at an ambient temperature of -45 ℃ ~55 ℃; the continuous working life can reach 10 years. The condenser uses copper material, with high pressure resistance, no refrigerant leakage, and no dust accumulation.

4. Complete protection, no worries about safety: with high voltage, undervoltage, overcurrent and other protections; wide input voltage range, protection level up to IP55, to ensure that the customer's equipment is in the optimal working environment.

5. Unique quick installation structure, quick and easy installation, easy operation and maintenance

6. Fast man-machine interface operation, real-time temperature display, automatic and precise temperature control;

7. Use environmentally friendly refrigerant R134a, in line with EU standards, low noise

8. With multi-function alarm output, and RS485 communication function;

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