The Advantages Of Mobile Air Conditioners In The Sales Market

In today’s mobile air-conditioner system software, the power capacitor on the mobile body is equipped with two pipes, in which the cooling circulating water channel and the water inlet and outlet are set up, and they are connected to the cooling tower, according to the composition of the detachable connector for cooling , The water inlet and outlet of the cooling tower are connected with the channel of the cooler, and the main body of the inlet and outlet pipe of the cooler is connected to the suction inlet of the circulating water pump of the cooling circulating water, so that the cooling water is in the cycle time of negative pressure, and when The condensate in the water trap is full.

When the valve is opened by electromagnetic induction, the condensed water is automatically sent to the glass fiber reinforced plastic cooling tower to obtain the comfort of movement. There is no problem of filling up the condensed water. The traditional mobile air-conditioner cooling water curtain must be installed on the wall It is relatively convenient to install the support frame on the surface. If it is a multi-storey building, it will be very inconvenient. It includes the construction risk of installing the walls of high-rise residential buildings. The workers are working on the high-altitude construction, so the mobile air-conditioning The total weight of the water passed by the machine is also very large.

The advantages of mobile air conditioners in the sales market

During the whole installation process, you must make holes in the wall or get rid of the windows, otherwise it will destroy the production workshop. It is not convenient to clean at high altitude at all normal times. It cannot be removed in winter. It can only be used outdoors in cold winter. The mobile air conditioner is a machine that has been released by the refrigeration equipment factory for many years. It has already received five-star praise and favor from many customers. Therefore, the mobile air conditioner has completely abandoned the use of traditional suspension systems.

Nowadays, the new mobile air conditioners can be moved without using external water pipes, so workers who are not in construction can enjoy peace. This type of mobile air conditioners do not need to be installed and do not use all raw materials. After purchasing the equipment Customers only need to moisturize and plug in the electricity to enjoy the cold air. If it is not used in winter, it can be connected to the shop and electricity like a cooling fan, but it is as cool as an air conditioner. It is an industrial fan and an axial fan. After cooling, show the best comfort of most staff in summer.

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