The Actual Cooling Effect Of Industrial Air Conditioners And Noise Treatment Methods

How to judge the expected refrigeration target of industrial air conditioners

The industrial air conditioner is a practical refrigeration tool that is equipped with four universal casters and can be moved freely. Generally speaking, the expected refrigeration target of industrial air conditioners is like a traditional household central air conditioner, which is very good. It uses the refrigeration method of the refrigeration unit to blow the air conditioner out of the air conditioner port. Today, air conditioner manufacturers teach you how to judge the expected cooling goals.

It is conducive to accurately measure the quality of industrial air conditioners, and we can carefully identify the refrigeration characteristics of industrial equipment. If the safety factor and reliability of industrial equipment in long-term operation are very high, even if the operation time is long, it will not cause a variety of common industrial equipment difficult problems, then the manufacturing quality of industrial equipment can be fully considered. Company regulations.

How to judge the expected refrigeration target of industrial air conditioners

1. Identify the expected effect of refrigeration, and at first see whether it can give consumers the necessary temperature in the least amount of time. Because the temperature range of the indoor space design scheme is not the same as possible, if you consume as much mechanical energy as possible per unit time, you can reduce the temperature, which means that the cost of applying it is high and will cause the company's cost to rise.

2. Because many companies have high requirements on the output power of mobile industrial air-conditioners, they try to be aware of the adverse effects they will cause during operation. Before the company operates, it is possible to carefully test whether there are any problems with the equipment parts, and immediately adjust the company's operation plan to eliminate most of the various common problems of industrial equipment. The common problems of industrial equipment continue to decrease, which is beneficial to the company in the shortest possible time to develop guidelines for reducing the temperature of indoor space design plans.

3. Even if high-quality industrial air-conditioners have been used for many years, they will not cause any problems. According to the investigation and analysis report, the industrial production refrigeration equipment manufactured by imported spare parts will not cause any problems even if the service life exceeds 5 to 8 years. Naturally, it is helpful to reduce the difficult problems of industrial equipment. The company tries its best to carry out continuous maintenance on industrial equipment, realizes the adverse effects of industrial air conditioners, and immediately identifies difficult problems, so that the reliability of industrial equipment operation can be maintained and improved Sign up for working hours and industrial equipment service life.

How to reduce the noise pollution of industrial air conditioners?

Industrial air conditioners have noise pollution, and there is a certain amount of noise pollution during operation. The noise source (exciting force of noise) is mainly concentrated in the refrigeration unit system software, cooling fan system software, and movable structure prefabrication. Components, refrigerant fluidity, etc. As a company with professional capabilities and assets to produce and manufacture air conditioners, scientific research and reducing noise pollution from industrial air conditioners are one of the main points of its work to reduce noise pollution from industrial air conditioners

How to reduce the noise pollution of industrial air conditioners?

The important part of noise is solid-state and air-borne. The market share of the mechanical kinetic energy of gas and solid dissemination of noise is different due to the change of structure and noise frequency. Low-frequency noise is mainly caused by solid-state dispersion, while high-frequency noise is mainly caused by air transmission. The key to noise control of mobile air conditioners is to start from three levels: one is to remove or decorate the background wall noise source; the other is to block the vibration transmission between the world peak and the shell, and to block the solid-state spread; the third is to carry out the active control of the shell vibration, according to the reduction Vibrate to remove noise. The refrigeration unit system software is one of the key noise sources of industrial air conditioners. Here, the low and high frequency mechanical equipment noise is carried out according to the pipeline system software and the refrigeration unit building seismic grade glue to transmit radioactive elements, and the electric current of the medium and high frequency current is magnetic. Effect noise transmits radioactive elements outward based on the gas. Based on past work experience, the noise of the refrigeration unit can be manipulated and solved from the following many aspects.

Noise source of decoration background wall: Generally, the noise source of the decoration background wall refrigeration unit itself such as insulation cotton is added in the refrigeration unit yard. Insulation cotton is generally made of a composite of sound-absorbing materials and sound-insulating materials. It is made of glass fiber and felt-based sound-absorbing materials. The surface treatment of metal materials is carried out with non-knitted fabrics. It is mainly used in the protective cover of the refrigeration unit to digest and absorb. And reduce its acoustic radiation efficiency. In areas with well-designed insulation cotton above 300Hz, the noise level of the refrigeration unit itself can be reduced by 2~5dB(A), the maximum value of the FFT spectrum analysis tip is significantly reduced, and the tone is significantly improved.

Weakening the noise source: The mechanical pump value that is easy to ensure before adding refrigerant meets the requirements (about 100Pa or less), which can significantly reduce the noise of the refrigeration unit (a small amount of gas infiltrates into the system software, which will cause the system software to expand and increase the load. , The noise of the refrigeration unit has risen significantly). According to the work experience data information, under normal circumstances, ensure that the mechanical pump value can reduce the noise by 2 to 3dB(A).

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