Telecom Energy Management System


A lot of base station rooms are far away from control center. The traditional way to do inspecting or maintaining of their peripheral equipment like air conditioners and access control systems is sending a scheduled service to where they located which is ineffective and costly.

To reduce costs of above case and get a better asset management we developed a monitoring system.

(Diagram 1)

Our system consists of following components:
Sensor: Collect corresponding data of equipment or environment
Control Device: Collect data from peripheral equipment and sensor.
Collector: Collect data from control device through RS-485 protocol and send to platform

Our system will collect peripheral equipmentproduction data of base station room like power consumption or warning of air conditioner or access control systems and display them on our platform website or send to those who subscribedthisinformation.

With our system user can easily check condition of thoseperipheral equipmentanywhere with network. Besides production data like current, voltage or power consumption our system will also provide some extra information like total power consumption of specific area or even cost of peripheral equipment in a specific period.

System Platform Introduction

We developed a platform to display all information that collected from base station. User can see following information:

Base Station Information Management

SIM Card Management

Collector Management

Meter Management

Warning Management

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