Specific Requirements And Plans For The Adjustment Structure Of Mobile Air-Conditioners

Specific requirements and plans for the adjustment structure of mobile air-conditioners

Nowadays new mobile air-conditioning machine, it key includes the refrigeration compressor, the air conditioning system circulation system in the enclosure and the refrigeration equipment, the adjustment structure, its characteristics depend on the output shaft of the motor equipment, cooling from both sides of the motor enclosure It is highlighted that each centrifugal impeller is fixed to the inside of the cooler and the air-conditioning evaporator, and the gas inlet and outlet of the gas pipeline are respectively connected to the outlet and the strong cold air from the house, so that the volume can be reduced and the mobile type can be improved. The air conditioner is highly efficient and saves resources.

Nowadays, the application of air conditioners is no longer the method that everyone follows. Mobile air conditioners have gradually entered the technical and professional field of vision. In summer, mobile air conditioners use surface water as a control loop. The pump is used to draw water according to the wind in the room. The concrete water is discharged to complete the cooling purpose. The intelligent return water returns to the ground according to the pipeline. In winter, it is used to heat the gas, which replaces the market share of air conditioners.

At this stage, many professionals feel that the application of air conditioners can reasonably maintain the natural environment. Innovative products caused by a new round of market competition in the sales market, mobile air conditioners are environmentally friendly and energy-saving low-carbon products and protect the ecological environment. Will occupy the main body of the environmental protection air conditioner sales market in the future. Many companies maintain the recognition of the natural environment of air conditioners in competition in the industry. Therefore, the company must complete the design and production of low-carbon emissions in products, thereby reducing low-carbon emissions The discharge of pollution is a national action.

For technical professional manufacturers, the development trend of energy saving, consumption reduction, and carbon reduction cannot only focus on home-installed air conditioners. Mobile air conditioners have the same prospects for development and the maintenance of good gas. The natural environment has become a new low-carbon and environmentally friendly project. The importance of low-carbon, environmental protection, environmental protection and energy conservation is the core concept of protecting the ecological environment. It shows a new concept of environmental protection and energy saving. Therefore, the mobile air conditioner saves resources and shows endless charm to the natural environment. Energy-saving and environmentally friendly products mean that they have Economic development with endless market prospects, because the most common cold room air conditioner defrosting method is electric heater and defrosting, and many applications for freezing have already been accepted.

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