Precision Air Conditioner

  • Precision Air Conditioner
  • Precision Air Conditioner
  • Precision Air Conditioner

Product Introduction

Hop constant temperature & humidity precision air conditioner is with modular design, high EER, large screen human-computer interface and smart control system. It has options of air-cooled, water-cooled, chilled water and double source cooled.


IDC room, communication room, large and medium-sized computer room, UPS and battery compartment, industrial control room and precision equipment workplace.


1. High quality standard components, reliable performance and long lifetime
2. Modular design
3. Full frontal maintenance and space saving
4. Large screen of human-computer interface
5. Stepless-speed air cooling condenser, low noise and adapts to the environment with big temperature difference
6. Multiple cooling sources.

Technical Parameters

1. Support RS485 protocol and IP communication interface
2. Cooling capacity: 25KW-180KW

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