Solutions For Common Integrated Cabinets

Solutions for common integrated cabinets

1. Integration. The integrated cabinet integrates multiple systems such as UPS power supply, power distribution, refrigeration, access control, cabinets, lighting, fire protection, dynamic environment monitoring, emergency ventilation, etc., through the monitoring system to achieve overall management of all subsystems, and build an integrated product to simplify Design, procurement, and construction process.
2. High efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.
1) Save the area of ​​the computer room: integrated design, saving more than 40% of the floor space than the traditional computer room
2) Saving supporting investment: fully enclosed design, can be installed in various environments (computer room, utility room, aisle, etc.), without special investment in computer room construction and supporting facilities
3) Save construction time: Integrated design, on-site installation time only takes 1 day, when large-scale deployment, greatly shorten the construction period.
4) High efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection: UPS power supply in high frequency mode, the efficiency of the whole machine reaches 93%. The cold and hot aisle design of the fully enclosed cabinet can save energy by more than 30% compared with traditional computer room cooling, and the PUE value of the whole machine can be lower than 1.5.
3. Simplify operation and maintenance. The dynamic environment monitoring system monitors the overall product operation status, provides alarms and various reports, is unattended, realizes remote operation and maintenance management through the network, and can be integrated into the upper-level operation and maintenance center system for centralized management. The cabinet type mechanism is equipped with transportation casters, which allows the data center to be moved and relocated, which is extremely convenient. All design adopts modularization, one-stop after-sales service, and quick solution.
4. Flexible expansion. By increasing the number of cabinets, air-conditioning modules, and UPS modules, flexible redundancy expansion is realized, and more space for IT equipment is provided.
Yitong integrated cabinet system solution
1. Reliable UPS power distribution system, uninterrupted escort for IT equipment, can customize a higher reliability system architecture (UPS redundant backup) to meet the needs of different users.
2. Equipped with cabinet-type air conditioners to ensure that IT equipment runs in a stable and reasonable temperature and humidity environment. The air conditioner adopts an integrated design and does not need to install an outdoor unit. The condensed water evaporates automatically in the cabinet and is equipped with an emergency drainage function to ensure the safety and reliability of the system.
3. The long-life compressor and EC fan ensure the stable operation of the system for a long time.
4. It adopts a fully sealed design with two circulation systems inside and outside, which can be used in various harsh indoor environments without the need to build a separate computer room.
5. Emergency ventilation system. When the air conditioner fails to operate, the emergency air supply module on the top of the cabinet will supply air downward, and the emergency exhaust module on the top of the cabinet will exhaust the hot air. The monitoring system monitors the operation status of each equipment in real time and finds it in time. Abnormal, eliminate hidden dangers, assist in locating fault points, and shorten incident processing time.
6. Customized service. According to customer needs, we can provide customers with a wealth of optional accessories and customized services. All systems are designed with modularization, one-stop after-sales service, and quick solution.

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