Operation Method Of Industrial Mobile Air Conditioner

The operation method of the industrial mobile air conditioner is very simple. When it is necessary to use the mobile air conditioner to reduce the temperature, place the air conditioner in a suitable area and plug in the switching power supply to use the mobile air conditioner. In fact, mobile air conditioners can be used in areas where there is a basic switching power supply. No matter what the occasion, mobile air conditioners can be used to reduce temperature and cool.

Industrial mobile air-conditioners can be used in many areas, such as outdoor activity booths, breeding plants, small and medium-sized rental houses, etc. The mobile air conditioner is a mobile central air conditioner that improves the traditional design concept. It is petite and exquisite, has a high energy efficiency level, does not need to be installed, and can be placed in a different location. How does the mobile air conditioner operate?

The basic principle of the operation of industrial mobile air conditioners:

From a technical point of view, the application output power and cooling capacity of mobile air conditioners and central air conditioners in general rooms are mostly the same. The difference is the design of the air duct circulation system. Generally, the exhaust circulation system of the central air conditioner is for the gas circulation system in the room, and the mobile air conditioner reduces the gas temperature in the natural environment. In addition, it is inhaled from the natural environment. For gas, in essence, the basic central air conditioner exchanges heat and cold to refrigerate heat according to the outdoor refrigeration compressor, while the mobile air conditioner is carried out independently by the end-end machinery and equipment.

Features of industrial mobile air conditioners:

1. Convenience: no outdoor unit, no technical professional installation, integrated design, refrigeration compressor, air-conditioning evaporator and cooler are all integrated together, no longer semi-finished products processing, power-on can be used, not to mention technical expertise Installing and moving the machine will no longer be annoying. It is only fixed and fixed to cool a certain area. It is equipped with universal casters and can be moved as you want. You can go wherever you think of cool.

2. Saving: small output power, more energy-saving and cost-effective: output power, partial operation: in the natural environment with a large total area or the natural environment where the central air-conditioning part is used in the home, the mobile air conditioner adjusts the temperature of the necessary part of the indoor space , Can quickly achieve the overall goal of temperature reduction, and very energy-saving! No installation transfer machine: mobile air conditioner is an integrated central air conditioner, when it is purchased, it is a finished product (when the split air conditioner is purchased, it is a semi-finished product processing). You don't need to install it, move it anytime and anywhere, just plug it in and use it.

Mobile air-conditioners first became popular in European countries due to their portability, and are commonly used in:

1. For construction, mining, etc., due to the hazard of the construction cycle time, the disassembly and removal of the split air conditioner is very troublesome, and the second installation is expensive and the actual effect is poor. The mobile air conditioner can be moved anytime and anywhere, especially suitable for company offices and residences that are often demolished or temporarily used;

2. In the computer server room, there is often no external machine installed in the natural environment, and the machine equipment is very prone to high temperature endangering all normal applications. The mobile air conditioner can immediately cool the key parts, which is convenient and easy to use;

3. Office sites that often move in the suburbs: such as construction site company offices, military camp life, temporary command centers, etc., no technical professional installation, and no technical professional weaning, low application cost, easy to use, and easy to use as a cooling fan Convenient.

4. Conference halls with low frequency of application in exhibition halls: where you can sit down, you can cool down, a unique low-cost and convenient air conditioner.

5. Places where there is no area to install air-conditioning outdoor units: such as restaurant kitchens, small living rooms, small study rooms, etc. All-in-one design, no air conditioner outdoor unit.

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