Maintenance Tips For Cabinet Air Conditioners:

1. Use power saving method for cabinet air conditioner

Cabinet air conditioners are a big power consuming consumer in electrical appliances. Whether the cabinet air conditioner consumes electricity or not, the number of times the cabinet air conditioner is started during use is a very important factor. When the cabinet air conditioner is started, the current required is relatively large and the power consumption is relatively high, so the starting period is the most power-consuming. Ordinary households can make good use of the timing function to make the cabinet air conditioner not work all night and maintain the indoor temperature. Generally, users start at 5 pm and try their best to maintain the indoor temperature after setting the running time of 4-5 hours. Reduce indoor temperature rise caused by convection with outside air.
2. Maintenance of enclosure, interior and filter of cabinet air conditioner
There are various partitions on the panel of the cabinet air conditioner shell that can easily collect dust. You can clean it with soft leather regularly. Use neutral soap not exceeding 40°C to scrub, but everyone must be careful not to use volatile oil, gasoline, or acids. Chemical scrubbing.
The maintenance method for the inside of the cabinet air conditioner, the long-term use of the cabinet air conditioner directly affects the cooling effect of the cabinet air conditioner and the indoor environment, so long-term regular cleaning is necessary. The easy-to-use method is to clean the indoor heat exchanger, carefully remove the panel, scrub with a soft cloth, and use a small brush to gently scrub the heat exchanger of the indoor unit, but note that the heat sink is very thin aluminum The material is easily deformed after being stressed, so be careful to scrub.
Cleaning the indoor filter. If your filter is extremely dirty, the cooling effect of your cabinet air conditioner must not be very good, so clean it regularly to ensure the normal operation of the cabinet air conditioner.

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