Maintenance Of Precision Air Conditioner In Computer Room

Precision air conditioner plays an important role in the temperature and humidity regulation of computer room. The maintenance of precision air conditioning has become an important part in the maintenance of computer room. The composition of precision air conditioning includes compressor, condenser, expansion valve, evaporator, fan, air filter, humidifier, heater, drainer, etc. Therefore, in the daily management of the computer room, the management and maintenance of the air conditioner are mainly aimed at the above parts

Structure and working principle of precision air conditioner
Precision air conditioner is mainly composed of compressor, condenser, expansion valve and evaporator.

Generally speaking, the refrigeration process of the air conditioner is as follows: the compressor compresses the refrigerant gas which has absorbed heat energy after passing through the evaporator into high temperature and high pressure gas, and then sends it to the condenser of the outdoor unit; The condenser releases the heat energy of the high-temperature and high-pressure gas to the surrounding air through the fan, so that the high-temperature and high-pressure gas refrigerant is re condensed into liquid, and then sent to the expansion valve; The expansion valve throttles and depressurizes the liquid refrigerant sent by the condenser pipe to become the mixed refrigerant of liquid and gas, and then sends it to the evaporator circuit; The evaporator reabsorbs the heat of the room environment from the mixture of liquid and gas to form a gaseous refrigerant, which is then sent back to the compressor to repeat the previous process.

Maintenance of precision air conditioner in computer room
The components of precision air conditioner include compressor, condenser, expansion valve, evaporator, fan, air filter, humidifier, heater, etc. Therefore, the management and maintenance of air conditioner in our daily management of computer room are mainly aimed at the above parts. The following is our daily work on the computer room dedicated precision air conditioning maintenance experience and learning experience.

1. Maintenance of control system   For the maintenance personnel of the air conditioning system, the first step in the inspection is to see whether the air conditioning system is in normal operation, so we should first do the following work.   
( 1) Check whether the functions and parameters of the air conditioning system are normal from the display screen of the air conditioning system;  
( 2) If there is an alarm, check the alarm record and deal with the alarm fault in time;  
( 3) Check whether the temperature and humidity sensors work normally;   
( 4) The running current of the compressor and humidifier is often detected. The humidifying electrode and pressure can be judged whether they are normal by the running current. The detection data of each time can be recorded, so as to compare with the next detection data to see whether there is a big change. The running state of the equipment can be judged according to the change of the data.

2. Compressor inspection and maintenance
(1) Listening - by listening to the sound, the compressor can be judged correctly. Because when the compressor is running, its sound should be uniform and rhythmic. If its sound loses rhythm, and there is uneven noise, it means that the working condition of the compressor has abnormal changes.   
( 2) Touch - the degree of fever can be known by hand, which can roughly judge whether there is fluorine deficiency in the system.  
( 3) Look - mainly from the mirror to observe the level of refrigerant, to see if there is a lack of refrigerant.   
( 4) Quantity - it mainly measures the current and suction and discharge pressure during the operation of the compressor, which can accurately judge the operation condition of the compressor.   Of course, we also need to check the compressor high and low pressure protection switch, drying filter and other accessories.

3. Patrol inspection and maintenance of condenser
( 1) The maintenance of the air conditioner condenser is equivalent to the maintenance of the outdoor unit of the air conditioner. Therefore, we first need to check the fixing condition of the condenser to see if there is any sign of looseness of the fixing parts of the condenser, so as to avoid damage to the refrigerant pipeline and outdoor unit.   
( 2) Check whether the refrigerant pipeline is damaged.   
( 3) Check the operation condition of the fan: mainly check the working condition of the bearing, base and motor of the fan, check whether there is abnormal vibration when the fan is running, and check whether the fan of the fan is on the same plane when it is rotating.   
( 4) Check whether there are sundries under the condenser, which affect the smoothness of the air duct, thus affecting the condensing effect of the condenser; Check the condenser fins for damage.   
( 5) Check whether the current of the condenser is normal when it works, and further judge whether the fan works normally from the working current.   
( 6) Check whether the pressure switch is normal. When we check the pressure switch, we mainly see whether the pressure switch can normally control the start and stop of the fan within the specified pressure range.

4. Inspection and maintenance of evaporator and expansion valve
The maintenance of the evaporator and expansion valve is mainly to check whether the evaporator coil is clean, whether there is frost, and whether the drainage tray of the evaporator is smooth. For example, if there is serious frost on the evaporator coil or the temperature on the coil is high when the compressor is running (generally, the temperature of the evaporator coil should be about 10 ℃ lower than the ambient temperature), Should check the high and low pressure of the compressor, if the pressure is normal, should consider the opening of the expansion valve.

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