It's time to give your air conditioner a "bath"

After a fall/winter replacement, your air conditioner is probably already "sick". This is due to the accumulation of dust and other stolen goods due to long-term non-use, which will bring a burden to the machine. If it is not cleaned in time, the service life of the air conditioner will be affected, and the cooling effect will be greatly reduced. At this time, be sure to take a "bath" for the air conditioner to clean the stolen goods in the machine to ensure the healthy use of the machine. Generally speaking, the air conditioner can be cleaned twice a year, late spring and late fall. 

Why did you choose between these two time periods? This is also exquisite. At the end of the spring, clean the air conditioner before it is put into use again to remove the dust, foreign matter, and bacterial particles adsorbed on the filter. If it is used without cleaning up the stolen goods, the dusty filter will be completely blocked, resulting in low wind speed and slower evaporation of water, which will affect the cooling effect. At the end of autumn, the weather slowly gets colder and the air conditioner can be put away. 

However, clean it once before putting it away. After a long period of use, the air conditioner has accumulated a lot of stolen goods. If it is not cleaned up in time, the dirt will become more and more hidden, breeding more bacteria particles, corroding the inside of our machines, and affecting the use of the machine in the coming year.

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