In-Row Air Conditioner

Product Introduction

Cold aisle and hot aisle separation technique has become the design trend of IT room. RowShieldsTM series In-Row air conditioner is put close to heat source, it reduces the distance and resistance of air transmission and continues monitor the heat load changes to provide high efficiency cooling. It uses horizontal cold air supply to keep the cabinet from top to bottom at the same temperature and is the temperature control product for high heat density data center.


Large-sized data center, modular data center, container data center and high density computer room.


1. Reliable performance and long lifetime.
2. Small size design to meet space saving requirement.
3. Automatic cooling regulation and energy saving with high efficiency scroll compressor and multiple fans.
4. Automatic drainage system to avoid condensing water for a long time stay inside the equipment.
5. Perfect fit for cold channel closed system.
6. Multiple cooling type

Technical Parameters

1. Cooling capacity: 10KW~60KW

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