In-Depth Exploration Of The Working Principle Of Cabinet Air Conditioners

The cabinet air conditioner is used to integrate the cabinet. The cabinet air conditioner is an air conditioner that can operate in a very humid environment. The equipment uses high-efficiency fans, and the manufacturing cost is very high. Let's take a look at how the device works.

1. Cabinet type air conditioners are divided into vapor compression air conditioners, semiconductor air conditioners and scroll tube air conditioners according to the principle of refrigeration. The vapor compression cabinet air conditioner reduces the ambient temperature by compressing the refrigerant, condensing and releasing heat through the compressor, and then evaporating and absorbing the heat. When installed in the control cabinet, the calorimeter inside the cabinet can be transferred to the cabinet under sealed conditions. In order to avoid the high temperature dust and corrosive gas in the external environment from entering the control cabinet, causing the above problems. The temperature and humidity in the control cabinet are always in a constant ideal state, ensuring the service life and professional stability of electronic components. Semiconductor air conditioners transfer energy through the transfer of electrons without the need for compressors and refrigerants. The air conditioner has a relatively compact structure, low cooling capacity and low COP.

2. The working principle of the vortex tube air conditioner is: Compressed air becomes hot and cold after flowing through the vortex tube. The hot air flow is discharged under a slightly higher pressure through the vortex tube exhaust device, and the cold air flow is introduced into the heating part of the case through the splitter to reduce and stabilize the internal temperature of the case, and external air will not enter the case. With a low-cost and reliable scroll tube cooler as the core component, the screen cabinet refrigerator can reduce the temperature of the compressed air by 45 degrees.

3. The cold air is circulated into the heating part of the screen cabinet through the shunt pipe, and at the same time, a positive pressure is formed in the cabinet to prevent outside air from entering, and effectively cool and purify the screen cabinet. Those small and compact multifunctional electronic control systems, variable speed drive systems, servo systems and programmable logic control systems are extremely sensitive to heat and pollution. Overheating causes these sensitive electronic components and electrical components to malfunction when the load is lower than the rated load, digital display system display error, control system drift and system misoperation.

Therefore, due to frequent shutdowns of machines or production lines, fans can only provide insufficient cooling effects, and often bring dirty, humid and corrosive air from the environment into the cabinet, causing electrical equipment damage. Air conditioners are large in size, difficult to install, require frequent maintenance, and high operating costs. The vortex refrigerator has no loss of moving parts. Only one internal vortex tube is used to convert compressed air into low-pressure cold air, which is evenly distributed in the shielding cabinet.

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