How To Prevent The Cabinet From Rusting

Many manufacturers of communication cabinets choose stainless steel when they choose the materials of the chassis and cabinets. Stainless steel is a kind of high-alloy steel that can resist corrosion in the air or in chemical corrosive media. Stainless steel has a beautiful appearance and good corrosion resistance. It does not need to undergo surface treatment such as coloring, but takes advantage of the inherent appearance of stainless steel.

Under normal conditions, stainless steel communication cabinets will not rust. However, if the use or maintenance is improper, or the environment where the stainless steel products are located is too harsh, the stainless steel products may show rust. When we observe the yellow or orange rust spots on the surface of the steel, we can quickly confirm that this is a sign of rust. So, how to deal with the rust of the stainless steel communication cabinet? Let me introduce you to the following:

1. Use alkaline, chlorinated or bleach-free detergents: Many traditional detergents contain bleach, and now the industry is beginning to provide more bleach-free detergents. If they inform you that your detergent contains bleach, ask them if they have other options. They may have detergents without bleach to choose from. Of course, it is also necessary to prevent the use of detergents containing chlorine salts. Because this may form small pits or rust.

2. Use proper tools: When cleaning your stainless steel communication cabinet, be careful and use non-abrasive tools. Soft cloth and plastic wipes will not damage the surface of stainless steel products. of course. You can also use a stainless steel cleaning ball, but it must be wiped in accordance with the manufacturer's polishing mark.

3. Clean according to the direction of the sanding line: some stainless steel products have sanding lines or "textures" on the surface. If there is a polishing line, it must be wiped in a direction parallel to the polishing line. If the texture is not clear. At this time, you have to be careful and wipe it with a soft cloth or plastic pad.

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