Features Of Outdoor Thermostat Cabinet

The outdoor constant temperature cabinet adopts excellent material selection and professional structure design to realize the physical requirements of sturdiness, waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion, and anti-corrosion. The unique double-layer heat insulation cabinet and the completely independent internal and external air circulation system can minimize the influence of the harsh environment outside the cabinet on the temperature and humidity environment inside the cabinet. At the same time, the fully open cabinet setting function allows users to equip the cabinet temperature control system according to the working environment requirements of the equipment in the cabinet, so that the actual environment in the cabinet is completely equal to the working environment required by the equipment, and provides a superior operating environment for the equipment system in the cabinet. .

The outdoor constant temperature cabinet developed by our factory avoids the normal operation of the equipment system in the cabinet due to the signs of excessively high and low temperature, excessive humidity, water leakage, dust accumulation, shock, impact, and frequent illegal intrusion, and extends the service life of the equipment.

Main features of thermostat cabinet
1. The cabinet has the characteristics of dustproof, sunproof, rainproof, etc., and it is fully adapted to the outdoor environment;

2. The cabinet adopts AC air conditioner or heat exchange or mixed heat dissipation of semiconductor air conditioner and direct ventilation to achieve the effect of cabinet constant temperature;

3. Standard AC power distribution or DC power distribution unit (optional);

4. Each cabinet is equipped with DC-48V lighting fixtures;

5. The cabinet has power and environmental monitoring functions, which can realize and upload alarms such as power failure, power failure, access control, temperature and humidity, smoke, flooding, battery voltage, etc.; (optional)

6 The cabinet layout is reasonable, the operation of cable introduction, fixing and grounding is convenient, and the maintenance is convenient; the cabinet entry method adopts the lower entry line, and the power line, signal line and optical cable have independent entry holes, which will not interfere with each other;

7. The cables, rubber strips, and thermal insulation used in the cabinet are all flame-retardant materials;

8. The cabinet can be welded or assembled; (optional)

9. The integrated outdoor cabinet of the base station adopts standard 19’’ or 21’’ racks. (Optional)

10. Cooling capacity: 340W, 650W, 1100W, 1600W, 2000W, 2500W

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