Features Of Non-Condensing Water Air Conditioner

The non-condensing water air conditioner uses an intelligent controller to automatically detect and run automatically according to changes in ambient temperature, and records the running time, power consumption, events and historical data of the entire system. The data can store 100 event information, 1280 historical data records, Query log information for 256 days!

Features of non-condensing water air conditioner:

1. The condensed water produced by air-conditioning refrigeration uses a unique design to lead the water to the condenser, and the heat of the condenser is used to completely consume the water, and the effect of "self-produced and self-dissipated" can be achieved without draining.

2. Innovative conception, advanced overall technical design, from machinery to hardware, from control to cloud platform, far surpass peers, reasonable design of refrigeration system, selection of electrical components, perfect design of water pumping system, reasonable and simple The design of installation method and other design can not only cool the equipment, but also do not need to drain the condensate. It is suitable for any place and solves all the difficult problems of drainage. As can be seen from the structure of the figure, the design is exquisite and the components are well coordinated. It is compatible with the telecommunications and power industry The water-proof rating of the cabinet is above IP55!

3. Comes with dry contact alarm output RS485 communication interface.

4. The system is designed with high/low temperature protection, making it safer to use.

In addition to these characteristics, non-condensing water air conditioners are also widely used: communications, industry, electric power, radio and television, finance, education and other industries!

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