Causes And Solutions For Dripping Of Air Conditioners

Causes and solutions for dripping of air conditioners

Reason 1:

When the internal unit is shifted, the installation of the unit is not firm, which causes the indoor unit to shift, or the fixed hanging plate of the indoor unit is not firmly fixed, which causes the air conditioner to shift for a long time, which leads to difficulty in draining the air conditioner. The body of the indoor unit is installed improperly, and the horizontal position of the indoor unit is tilted, causing the pipeline to be too high and improperly drained.


Move the body of the air conditioner, re-measure the position of the air conditioner with a liquid level gauge, and lower the air conditioner as far as possible to the end of the condenser drain.

Reason two:

Water dripping from the heat exchanger can also cause water dripping in the air conditioner. Because the air conditioner has not been cleaned for a long time after using the air conditioner, the exchanger is too dirty.


Use air conditioner cleaning agent to rinse gently with a wool brush, or use a high-powered blower to turn on the cold air to blow away the dust.

Reason three:

The indoor or outdoor drain pipe is blocked by people, or the water outlet pipe is blocked by the dirt inside the refrigerator, which makes the water unable to be dredged.


The key point is to first check whether the drain pipe of the air conditioner is unblocked and whether the drain pipe and the air conditioner pipe are correctly connected. If the drain pipe is blocked by dust, you can use a high-pressure water gun and a special air conditioner cleaning tool to clear the drain pipe.

Reason four:

Poor drainage of the air conditioner's drain pipe will also cause the air conditioner indoor unit to drip, and the drain pipe will be wavy due to aging or slack, which will prevent the condensate of the air conditioner from being discharged from the air conditioner through the drain pipe.


Purchase a new drain pipe, or ask the air conditioner salesperson to repair the air conditioner drain pipe.

Reason five:

Because the insulation material on the piping is too thin or the quality is too poor, the insulation tube is not completely wrapped, and condensation will occur when the refrigerant in the piping passes.


This is a common problem of indoor unit dripping. When this happens, you should first disassemble the tape to check whether the insulation material is aging or improperly sealed. If there is a gap or thinness of the insulation material, reconnect the piping. Wrap and replace the aging insulation pipe to maintain the airtightness of the piping.

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