Calculation Formula For Cabinet Air Conditioner Selection

Calculation formula for selection of electric cabinet air conditioner:


  Qr=5.5 x A x △T


  among them:

  To: Ambient temperature (℃)

  Ti: Temperature in the control box (℃)

  △ T: Temperature difference between inside and outside the control box (℃)

  Qr: Heat transfer of the control box (W)

   Qi: Heat generated in the control box (W)

  A: Control box surface area (W)

  Qt: required cooling capacity (W)

Model selection calculation: The box body is: 2200*800*1200 (5 units) The surface area of ​​the control box is: 39.5m² (A=39.5m²), the ambient temperature is: 38°C (T=38°C), the total heat generated in the box It is: (Inverter heat generation = 1% of the total power 206(KW)X1%=2060W + 90(KW) X1%=900W)2960W(Qt=2960W) According to experience, the air supply distance of the cabinet and the components In terms of heat, if you want to keep the temperature inside the box at 26°C (T=26°C), the calculation method for selecting cabinet air conditioners is as follows:

  △T =To-Ti=38-26=12℃

  A=(2.2 x 0.8+2.2 x 6+0.8 x 6)x 2=39.5m²

  Qr=5.5 x A x△T=5.5 x 39.5 x 12=2607W

  Qt=1.1x(Qi+Qr)=1.1 x(2607+2960)=6123.7W

Choose 2 sets of refrigeration power: 6400W, which meets the refrigeration requirements.

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