Application Of Outdoor Power Cabinet

Outdoor integrated power cabinets are mainly used for wireless communication base stations, including a new generation of 5G systems, integrated communications/network services, access/transmission exchange stations, emergency communications/transmissions, etc.
The outdoor integrated power cabinet adopts hot-dip galvanized sheet with a thickness greater than 1.5mm, which is composed of an outer box body, an inner metal workpiece and an assembly of accessories. The inside of the cabinet is divided into equipment compartment and battery compartment according to functions. The box has a compact structure, easy installation and excellent sealing performance.
Equipment warehouse: The equipment warehouse is distributed on the upper side of the cabinet and is separated from the battery warehouse with a partition to facilitate the insulation of the equipment space.
The battery compartment is used to install the battery, and the outer plate of the battery is pasted with thermal insulation cotton to achieve the thermal insulation effect. The battery cabinet is also equipped with a sunshade to achieve the effect of sun protection and waterproofing. The cabinet is equipped with an exhaust device, which can release the hazardous gas generated by the battery.
Door and door lock: The cabinet door adopts a built-in structure, and the gap between the door gaps is tight. The door opening angle>110°, the cabinet door contains a limit structure, and the door limit device has a limit function when the door is in the "open" state. The door lock adopts a three-point structure with a pull rod and a locking piece, and a padlock can be added. The structure is firm and the anti-theft is strong. Each cabinet door is equipped with a door open alarm sensor to cooperate with environmental monitoring.
The size of the air inlet equipment: the integrated outdoor cabinet for the base station adopts the standard size cabinet.
Main features of outdoor integrated power cabinet
The cabinet has the characteristics of dustproof, sunproof, rainproof, etc., and it is fully adapted to the outdoor environment;
The equipment warehouse cabinet adopts ventilation and heat dissipation (a heat exchanger can also be used as a heat dissipation device), MTBF≥50000h;
The battery cabinet adopts semiconductor refrigeration method;
Each cabinet is equipped with DC-48V lighting fixtures;
The cabinet has power and environmental monitoring functions, which can realize and upload alarms such as power failure, power failure, access control, temperature, humidity, smoke, water flooding, battery voltage, etc.;
The cabinet layout is reasonable, the operation of cable introduction, fixing and grounding is convenient, and the maintenance is convenient. The power cord, signal line and optical cable have independent inlet holes, which will not interfere with each other;
The cables used in the cabinet are made of flame-retardant materials.

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