Application Fields Of Outdoor Cabinets

Outdoor cabinet application field: adapt to the rough and harsh outdoor working conditions, can cover rain, snow, sand and dust, anti-theft, anti-rat, etc. The cabinet insert boxes are all 19" standard design, with good versatility and firm purchase. The cabinet frame and cabinet door are assembled with aluminum profiles. No deformation.
Server cabinets, multi-purpose cabinets, and wall-mounted cabinet frames are welded into a whole with nine-fold profiles. The profile surface is prefabricated with 25mm modular mounting holes. The structure is extremely solid and beautiful, and the internal installation space is huge. The front door uses 130O concealed hinges. The installation and disassembly of the door are extremely convenient to be equipped with a three-point door lock. There are foam seals at the contact with the frame to achieve a high level of protection. Different paints and marks can be painted according to customer requirements, and installation holes of different specifications can be made. A complete, optional, and interchangeable installation accessories can meet your various needs.

Common cabinets: network cabinets, server cabinets, economic network cabinets, wall-mounted network cabinets, industrial control cabinets, integrated wiring cabinets, non-standard cabinets, chassis, communication cabinets have flexible installation design, superior cabinet performance, flexible combination, and especially applicable Used in network engineering, wiring engineering, communication systems, computer center broadcasting systems, universities and banks, etc. The cabinet is assembled with two front and rear welding frames and upper and lower covers. This design not only achieves the strongest load, but also meets the requirements of site installation with loose parts, which is especially suitable for narrow site use.

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