Air Conditioner For Server Cabinet

The server cabinet air conditioner is a precision air conditioner for data center cabinets developed and manufactured by Chengdu Hop Technology Co., Ltd.

Modern data centers continue to upgrade, miniaturization of computers, cabinets, thinning of servers, and blades. Although the volume is getting smaller and smaller, the density of electronic power continues to increase. Therefore, the temperature of the data center is undergoing a very big test. , And the precision air conditioner is designed to solve this problem.

The air conditioner is mainly used as the heat emitted by the electrical components in the cabinet to create a suitable temperature and humidity environment inside the cabinet. Compared with the cabinet fan, it can effectively isolate external dust, extend the useful life of internal equipment, and improve the stability of machine operation. And safety. Because the heat generated in the cabinet is too large, some of them are close to 3000w. Although the installation of door-mounted air conditioners is simple, the air conditioners with a cooling capacity of 3000w are bulky, and it is not suitable to install them on the cabinet. And neither vibration nor noise can meet the mute requirements in the machine room.

The precision air conditioner developed by our company can solve and meet the requirements of large cooling capacity, low noise, and air duct configuration required by data center cabinets. Because it directly cools the heating elements in the cabinet, it has high efficiency and good cooling effect.

Compared with the overall cooling of the computer room: directly cooling the inside of the cabinet, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.

1. Product features:

1. Large cooling capacity: A3500C_A has a cooling capacity of 3500w, which can meet the cooling needs of most data center cabinets

2. The size of the internal unit of the air conditioner is small: the external dimension of the internal unit is 440mmX800mmX264mm, which meets the matching requirements of the lower part of the cabinet and is convenient for installation.

3. Reasonable air duct design: The air duct is designed to blow cold air from the front of the internal unit to the top of the cabinet, and the rear of the internal unit to suck in the hot air in the cabinet downwards. Cooperating with the guide fan in the cabinet, all the air in the cabinet can be circulated, and the temperature of each device in the cabinet can be uniformly cooled.

4. A wide range of ambient temperature: -20℃~55℃, which can adapt to all domestic use environments. It can work continuously and stably under noon sun exposure in the hottest area, and fully guarantee the temperature control requirements of the cabinet.

5. High degree of protection: IPX5.

6. High energy efficiency ratio: the input power is 1500w, the cooling capacity is 3500, and the energy efficiency ratio reaches 2.4

7. Key components: Hitachi compressors are used as compressors, with guaranteed quality and stable use. The condenser and evaporator use copper pipes and hydrophilic aluminum foil, which have high heat transfer efficiency, corrosion resistance, and can work efficiently for a long time. The fan adopts a long-life brand fan, which can work for 40,000 to 50,000 hours without failure.

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