Advantages And Disadvantages Of Peltier Air Conditioner And Common Air Conditioner

With the high development of science and technology, in the environment of advocating energy conservation and environmental protection, thermoelectric semiconductor refrigeration / heating chip (hereinafter referred to as Tec chip) and its air conditioning system (hereinafter referred to as Tec semiconductor air conditioning) have made great progress in the field of industrial air conditioning with its unique technical advantages. Compared with the traditional industrial air conditioner, the control system of Tec semiconductor industrial air conditioner is simpler.

1. it is not used with Freon and other refrigerant, and it has no adverse effect on the environment

2. small and light weight

3. the same device can meet the requirements of heating and cooling without additional heating mode

4. very sensitive to temperature

5. without vibration and noise, it can work at any angle and zero gravity state

6. because all of them are solid-state based structures, the thermal and electrical coolers have high reliability

7. it is not necessary to worry about the leakage of refrigerant and corrosive liquid, and it is easy to maintain

Our peltier tec air conditioner use DC48V, Even AC power failure can also work. When AC power is cut off, the normal operating temperature of battery in the battery bin can be guaranteed. Therefore, in the cabinet of some communication base stations, the equipment control room generally adopts the heat exchange system and the battery compartment adopts Tec air conditioner.

Although peltier air conditioner has many advantages, its disadvantage is also obvious, that is, the cooling capacity is small. The maximum cooling capacity of our single peltier air conditoner is only 200W. Compared with the cooling capacity of common air conditioners, the cooling capacity of peltier tec air conditioenr is very weak.
Therefore, whether to choose peltier tec air conditioner depends on the specific environment. Then the advantages of peltier air conditioner can be uesd well.

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