2020 China Tower Beijing Cabinet Air Conditioner Winning Bid Notice(1.13 Million RMB)

Notice of winning bid

Chengdu Hop Technology Co., Ltd.:
China Tower Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch will focus on the cabinet air conditioner renovation in 2020 The bidding project (project number: ZB-1912C084D0117-BGZ234) bid evaluation committee in accordance with The bid evaluation methods and standards specified in the bidding documents have been completed Review of pieces. According to the evaluation results, your company will become the winning bidder as determined by the tenderer.
The winning bids are Miyun, Changping, Tongzhou, Shunyi, Pinggu and Yanqing. Bid amount Capitalize one hundred one hundred thirty thousand yuan for the renminbi, one hundred and one hundred thirty thousand four thousand five hundred and five hundred fifty five ten three yuan and five cents, lower case ¥1,134,853.35; the price of which is RMB one million in capitals one million four thousand two hundred ninety five yuan Whole, lowercase ¥1,004,295.00; the tax amount is RMB One ten thirty thousand five hundred five hundred and five ten ba Yuan three corners and five cents, lowercase ¥130,558.35. 

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