10 Problems That Must Be Paid Attention To When Using Heat Exchanger Cabinet Air Conditioners

1. Please operate according to the instructions, otherwise, improper installation may cause safety endangering accidents such as water leakage, electric shock, fire, equipment loosening or falling off;

2. It is forbidden to lead or extend the power cord in the middle of the power cord, and it is forbidden to press, heat, or pull the power cord;

3. The voltage and frequency of the power supply must comply with the use regulations of this product;

4. The grounding wire must be connected and the grounding must be reliable. The grounding wire must not be connected to gas tanks, water pipes, and lightning rods. If the grounding is not good, there will be a risk of electric shock;

5. It is forbidden to operate this equipment with wet hands to avoid the risk of electric shock;

6. When cleaning, disassembling or repairing the equipment, please cut off the power first to avoid accidents such as electric shock;

7. All electrical connections must meet the requirements of national and local electrical codes. Turn off the power of all heat exchangers before installation, and select the appropriate wire diameter and circuit protection device according to the nameplate and technical parameters of the heat exchanger;

8. It is strictly prohibited to install and use this equipment in places with flammable gas, corrosive gas, oil mist, conductive dust and other surrounding air quality;

9. It is forbidden to insert fingers or sticks in the air inlet and outlet, because there are high-speed fans and fins inside, which may cause personal injury and equipment damage after being touched;

10. When the equipment is abnormal (smoke, abnormal sound, no heat exchange for a long time after starting up, etc.), the power supply should be cut off immediately, the operation of the equipment should be stopped, and professional personnel should be asked for maintenance.

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